Orlando City SC and Cogny: A Paradigm Shift in Sports Fan Engagement

Apr 8, 2022

In 2015, Orlando City SC embarked on a digital transformation journey with Cogny Services, a leading Salesforce partner. The goal was to integrate internal departments, streamline business processes, and create a uniquely tailored sales and service system. This collaboration led to the implementation of Salesforce, revolutionizing the way Orlando City operated and interacted with its fans.

The new system dramatically accelerated the sales process, reducing human errors and boosting sales pace by 25%. Moreover, it brought unprecedented transparency and control to the sponsorship process, improving contract visibility, and inventory management.

One of the highlights of this partnership was the creation of the first 100% Salesforce native sports application. This innovative tool integrated club-fan interactions, offered streaming services, tracked merchandise and concessions, and facilitated the roll-out of promotional offers.

Furthermore, the app introduced a loyalty and gamification concept, allowing fans to interact with the club and earn rewards. This immersive fan experience led to remarkable results in the first year alone: The new application generated $1.5 million in revenue from new-to-file app users by generating leads for group packages, digital memberships, and season ticket memberships. Fan adoption soared by over 300% compared to the previous app, with users taking advantage of various interaction opportunities, ticket upgrades, experiences, and products through the loyalty program.

On game days, 62% of users engaged with the app for ticket purchases, ticket accesses, and gameday interactions. And 36% used the app every other day to read news, accumulate loyalty points, and complete challenges and surveys.

Salesforce recognized the success of this partnership, dubbing it the "best suite for sports in the world". The solutions were presented at Dreamforce 2022, amplifying the impact of this transformative collaboration.

Orlando City's digital revolution pivots on three pillars:

  1. Data Centralization: By connecting all data sources into Salesforce, the club has created a singular, unified view of fan behaviors and preferences.

  2. Insights: With quality data in real-time, the club can generate deep insights, enabling the understanding of customer behaviors and trends.

  3. Personalization: Leveraging these insights, Orlando City SC can deliver personalized experiences that seamlessly blend digital and in-stadium interactions.

This case study showcases the power of digital transformation in sports, demonstrating how technology can enhance fan engagement and drive revenue growth. As this partnership continues to evolve, Orlando City SC and Cogny Services are setting a benchmark for sports organizations worldwide.

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