Ticket sales & service

Reach potential customers, improve retention, and track sales campaign performance seamlessly.

Leveraging Touchpoints and Retention Rates

Engage your service team and fans utilizing touchpoints. Understand your retention rate before renewal season starts, allowing you to adjust your renewal strategy. 

Power at your fingertips

Streamline your sales and service processes while booting revenue and retaining fans

Process Automation

Customer 360 View


Salesforce Native

Easy Customization

Mobile Functionality

Your fan 360 view in one platform

Ticket Sales & Services allows you to successfully reach out to potential customers and improve retention rate.






Fan Category

Fan Scoring


Renewal Score


empowering your sales team

Effectively close the gab between your products and potential customers. Managers track campaign budget and progress with clear and easy metrics

Leads Distribution

Distribute leads to your sales team with a few clicks, then shuffle or close all leads within a campaign with ease.

Leads Scoring

Score your Leads by division and product family using customizable metrics to help your sales team prioritize prospects with high purchase propensity

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Understand campaigns ROI and how much business your sales team is bringing on any given day, week, month, or season

enriching your service team

It's a known fact that retaining current customers is easier than executing new sales.
Empower your service team to expertly retain clients by arming them with automations, retention scores, touchpoints, and more.

Service Rep Assignment & Task Creation

Automate representative assignment based on custom attributes of the seating assignment, product type, or even account characteristics.


Based on activities and interactions with customers, representatives will earn points that will count towards a goal while engaging and understanding customer's needs and pains

Renewal Score

Assign weight to attributes you choose to calculate the customer's probability of renewing their membership for the next season


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