Easily manage, track, and measure the success of your partnerships

Track Sales Pipeline in Real-time

Sales managers and executives can follow the sales pipeline in real-time, as representatives select inventory assets and easily add them to the contracts.

Inventory availability

Generate, manage, and track your inventory assets by segmentation, availability, rate cards, and others

Rate Comparison

Compare rate cards with selling rates as assets are getting added to contracts.

Quotes & Approval Process

Follow your negotiation history then send with for approval in a few easy and quick steps!


Create groupings based on the event or inventory items to increase productivity

Shopping cart

Before sending the contract for approval, use the shopping cart functionality to make sure all necessary assets were selected

Contract completion

Follow the completion and deliverability of the assets within a contract - segment by event, partner, type, contract, owner, division, and more

Comprehensive View of your Contracts

Track all partner contracts and gain visibility into contract pipeline and renewal dates.

Contract details

Inventory availability

By season visibility

Partners community

Season Rollover

Effortlessly Manage Your Inventory Assets

Catalog all items that can be sold to a partner along with it's availability and rate

Manage sponsor activation with collaboration tools

Control the execution of your sponsor activation with our Real-Time features

event management

Have full visibility execution of events activations


Share responsability with stakeholders departments


Control execution using Salesforce mobile app and desktop


Use reports and dashboards to track contract KPI's and execution progress

Drive Sales Performance with Real-Time Analytics

Data-Driven Insights with Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting Solutions


Create and customize reports based on your needs and wants


Customize views of your team's sales and contract activation progress


Utilize Salesforce's AI power to accelerate decision making and productivity


Take advantage of the unified data source to facilitate everyone in your organization to visualize, explore, and act on real-time data

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